About Nollybooks

Nollybooks Bookazines TM is a series of easy-to-read, chic-lit romance fiction titles with South African storylines and characters that reflect the lives and aspirations of the people who will read them.

The novels are aimed at young African women and are a blend of the genres known as “Chick Lit” (i.e. light, popular, commercial fiction for women) and Romance.

The romance series of Nollybooks Bookazines TM are books that think like magazines. As well as a great story, a Bookazine TM offers many extras including a dictionary featuring words from the novel, word games to stretch our reader’s minds and discussion points they can talk about at book clubs.

The Bookazines TM set out to provide entertainment first and foremost for our readers. They are all set in South Africa, they are all upbeat and humorous, and usually end on a positive note. They entertain our readers in a manner that is both inspirational and aspirational.

Sis’ Nolly is our brand custodian - click here to find out more about her. She selects the novels we bring you and she ensures that Nollybooks Bookazines remain compelling yet morally responsible reads that celebrate romance and life!

We are proud to say that nearly all of our writers wrote their very first novels for Nollybooks and many of them are young talented African voices. Nollybooks is creating a platform for new writers to get published and we are always on the hunt for new talent.

Once you pick up a Nollybooks Bookazine TM, you will be hooked, because our novels are so much more than just books and they only cost R49.95 - a fraction of the price of most books.

Watch this space for more details. 

List of some of our authors:
Paula Marais Robyn Goss Fiona Snyckers Michelle Atagana Anthony Ehlers
Lisa Anne Julien Pamela Moeng Sabina Mutangadura Charlene Naidoo Mbali Mbatha
Cheryl Ntumy Vuyo Seripe Bronwyn Desjardins